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We carry the Enro brand of dress shirts. Enro is a 100 year old firm that has developed the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world for the production of better quality men’s dress shirts. With one of the largest research & development labs in the textile industry, they have created a line of dress shirts made with fabrics that offer the highest level of performance and comfort available in the marketplace.

Our clients buy dress shirts here because:

  • We have a large selection of the most updated patterns & colors available to the fashion oriented male
  • We take the pain out of putting together outfits by pre-selecting and recommending complimentary shirt/tie/suit combinations.
  • Once we get a client into an Enro shirt, he seldom goes back to previous brands due to the durability, comfort and wrinkle free characteristics that Enro has perfected. A typical consumer can wear an Enro shirt for 12 hours and find that it does not require laundering or pressing.

If you see a style or designer that you like in a magazine, tell us about it. We can recommend a dress shirt that matches what you see.